About Us


Founded and operated by a husband-and-wife team, Jolie Nisa produces modest, style-minded womenswear that makes you feel good. The company launched in 2017 after its founders spent years struggling to source quality garments for the modern Muslim woman. Armed with backgrounds in the fashion industry, the two decided to launch a womenswear line of their own—one that proudly reflects their vibrant Canadian spirit.

From standout dresses to radiant hijabs and pins, every Jolie Nisa design is either Montreal-made or, whenever necessary, produced by a trusted partner in India. Guided by both the tenets of Islam and the values of the city they call home, Jolie Nisa’s founders ensure all products are manufactured ethically and sustainably.

Always willing to lend a hand to local charities and fundraisers, it’s a fashion brand that aims to help its community thrive.

The looks themselves are colourful and creative. Embellished with attractive details, Jolie Nisa’s styles drape beautifully and flow elegantly. No matter your age, body type, or faith, each design promotes comfort and confidence, encouraging your inner beauty to radiate. Original pieces are available for both retail and wholesale purchase.