Assalam Alaikum,
As a husband-and-wife team that designs stylish, modest womenswear, we know how difficult it can be
to source superior garments for people of faith. Quality is generally hit or miss; moreover, products are
often produced in questionable conditions. If you’re like us, you value creative, ethical, and sustainable
fashion designed to last.
We’ve got just the collection for you! Our designs are unique, predominately Montreal-made, and
crafted with quality top of mind. All outsourced material comes from an ethical and verifiable partner in
India that’s closely collaborated with us for years. Targeting all generations and occasions, our styles are
available in the full spectrum of sizes and colours. We encourage you to discover the collection here.
Like you, we’re a homegrown company proudly serving Montreal’s Muslim community. Privy to the
hardships involved in running a small business, we always try to make things easy for our neighbours
and peers. Our wholesale catalogue offers excellent flexibility and affordability. Original dresses, abayas,
skirts, hijabs, and more are available at highly competitive prices and low quantities. Don’t be burdened
by unnecessary inventory—we fulfill orders of as little as three hijabs or one size set per store.
To learn more about our business and products, please email us at info@jolienisa.com. We can’t wait to
get to know you!
Esmail M